Website Updates on iOS

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed a little tweetstorm I had earlier tonight as I made some updates to my website.

While the homepage at is a pretty basic and lightweight page, I have a tendency to go a little nuts over the details on it (have a look at the source and stylesheet). I’m therefore happy that I was able to complete every task for the edits to my satisfaction on my iPad.

To start, I saved the logos for each company/service to Photos and then pulled them up in Pixelmator to get the hex codes for their dominant colors using the color picker for the brush tool. I used these hex codes to give the links a sense of character and relevance to their destinations.

I used Drafts as a Slide Over app to drop notes, like the aforementioned hex codes.

I grabbed copies of my website assets from my cloud storage using Documents, sending them to Transmit for management and Coda editor access.

I did the bulk of my code editing in Coda (I made some minor tweaks in Transmit’s built-in barebones text editor). Coda has some great syntax highlighting and preview features, though it has frustrating backspace and cursor movement behaviors.

Finally, I uploaded my assets via FTP to my host using Transmit, whose drag-and-drop uploads and permissions management I absolutely love.

Check out the end result.