Introducing Chronicles

Hello! Thanks for visiting Chronicles, a new blog I am launching to talk about personal projects I work on and share anything useful I find in their pursuit.

From the time I first began browsing the internet to the time I’m writing this blog, I’ve always loved finding resources that helped me learn interesting and useful new things. They did so because they were accessible—delivering their content in simple and direct language, and bearing designs that were easy to understand and navigate.

Getting this blog up and running was more than a little frustrating at times (a story for another time), but I’ve modified my WordPress installation to make accessing this blog fast and efficient out of the gate. As time moves forward, I expect to make more such modifications to improve different aspects of the user experience.

I make no promises about how frequently I will post here. The best way to keep up with me is to follow me on Twitter. That’s where you’ll see my blogs from Chronicles and other platforms pop-up too.

Thanks for your time and attention,